graphic design & illustration

Toss Restaurant

Toss Restaurant is a fictional fast casual lunch spot in the Minneapolis skyways. While working downtown, I noticed a void in the skyway meal options. There is a lot of delicious options, but none that felt very healthy. Greasy burgers, heavy sandwiches and the usual fast food suspects I got tired of filled the skyway. I wanted something fast, fresh and exciting. The challenge is that many people cringe at salads. They get a bad rap for being boring, flavorless and just plain blah. With this project, I aimed to breathe new life into the world of salads and change skyway patrons' perceptions. 

I drew inspiration from the many farmer's markets around the cities looking at the huge range of color and signs created by the farmers themselves. 

The color palette is unexpected and speaks to those looking for a healthful lunch. The typography and illustration style work together to communicate that lunch can be quick, wholesome and offer a wide variety. I wanted to create an elevated brand that didn't feel pretentious and was inviting to even the pickiest of eaters.



toss_box detail.png
metroAd copy.jpg
toss_interior copy.jpg